Why Nerdsmart?

Nerdsmart Nerdsmart
Every blog needs a first post, and this is it! Nerdsmart was soft-launched on September 13, 2018 as a proof of concept for Sleestaq LLC's ​StoreStaq​ affiliate software. Over the next few months, we discovered that creating the site was a lot of fun and made the decision to put resources into making it valuable resource for Nerd Culture and all of the things we enjoy.
We're like you, and spend our hard-earned tech lucre on gadgets and toys (and copious amounts of witty t-shirts). Nerdsmart is where we can gush about the things we find bring us joy, as nerds.

Original Content

It's easy to throw up some affiliate links and call it good, but that leaves everyone unsatisfied, doesn't it? At Nerdsmart, we bring you original reviews and content. And if you're not careful, you may even learn something before we're done. 

Contests and Giveaways

It's all about the fun and games, sometimes. And yeah, let's be honest, giving away swag gets more eyeballs. So while we're shameless that way, we also like to support the gift economy.

Let them have epic swag...

Marie Antoinette

By Nerds, For Nerds

Nerdsmart is built on a customized Joomla platform base, and uses Storestaq, the premiere affiliate store component from Sleestaq, LLC. If you'd like to run a site just like this, visit Sleestaq - we can help!

Why September 13th?

Always remember! September 13th, 1999, the day a massive explosion on the far side of the moon hurled it out of Earth orbit.


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